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          日期:2023/03/21 出處:Maxio

          近日有媒體報道稱市場上出現了仿冒的三星980 pro 固態硬盤,部分報道指明該仿冒的三星固態硬盤使用的是聯蕓主控芯片。對此,聯蕓公司(以下簡稱“公司”)非常重視,我們也在進一步核實報道相關內容的真實性。為此,公司特此鄭重聲明如下:












          Statement on Reports of Counterfeit Samsung SSDs Using Maxio Controller Chips

          Recently, some media outlets reported that counterfeit Samsung 980 PRO SSDs have appeared on the market, and some reports indicated that the counterfeit Samsung SSDs were using Maxio controller chips. Maxio Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) takes this matter very seriously and we are currently verifying the authenticity of the reports. To this end, the Company hereby declares as follows:

          1.The Company has never authorized, participated in, instructed, or tacitly consented to any third party using the Company's chips to counterfeit products of any other brand’s models.

          2.The Company strongly opposes any third party using our products to engage in any illegal activities that infringe on the intellectual property rights and/or legitimate rights and interests of others.

          3.If there is evidence proving such behavior, the Company will actively cooperate with the relevant departments to investigate the matter. If such behavior simultaneously infringes on the Company’s legitimate rights and interests, the Company will reserve the right to resort to legal action.

          The Company adheres to worldwide legal and compliant operations, and respects and protects the intellectual property rights and legitimate rights of our customers, suppliers, partners, and any third parties. We also welcome you to provide relevant clues and evidence to jointly combat any illegal and unlawful activities that use our products.

          Contact Email: legal@maxio-tech.com